Organic Program

Great lawns and landscapes need proper watering, proper drainage, and good soil. When it comes to feeding your lawn and landscape, it is important to provide nutrients for your soil because the soil feeds your plants. The best way to improve your soil without having to replace it, is to annually aerate & topdress along with the organic fertilizer program applications for your lawn. Flower bed fertilizationand proper tree care improve the health of your yard. Call today, don't miss a single application!

Our program is designed to bring life to your soil that provides the nourishment needed for a healthy lush turf and thriving plants. We use a granular fertilizer, a liquid soil bio-stimulant and a foliar spray for each application.

Our granular fertilizer works to build your soil's structure while feeding the microorganisms living in it. By using a slow release product, your soil continues to take in nutrients that benefit your lawn and landscape. Once we spread the granular fertilizer, we spray your turf and flower beds with liquid fertilizer for immediate nourishment. We do recommend "watering in" the fertilizer after we are finished, then continue with your normal watering schedule. The products selected for each application are specifically chosen to effectively work together, offering you a complete feeding program for your landscape. Prices start at $72 per application.

We offer 5 applications a year:

February – Turf Mate Fertilizer, Soil Mender Liquid Fertilizer
We have chosen to use a balance turf fertilizer for all of our organic fertilization services this year. The results from last year's applications of these products, based upon customer feedback, was that customer lawns thrived with lower water usage and stayed a vibrant green throughout summer. When given a choice of either a corn gluten meal application or a Turf Mate application, Turf Mate was chosen over 90% of the time. We will still apply Corn Gluten Meal upon request with an upcharge for this product. Please call if you have questions.

April – Turf Mate Fertilizer, Soil Mender Liquid Fertilizer
A “blended turf” fertilizer inoculated with a host of beneficial microbes, enzymes and amino acids, and with an N-P-K of 4-3-2, it is one of the most nutrient rich organic plant foods on the market.
Made with key ingredients designed for lawns, Turf Mate will help achieve a healthy, safe and highly disease resistant turf.

June – Turf Mate Fertilizer, Soil Mender Liquid Fertilizer
We apply the same formula as we did in April.

August – Turf Mate Fertilizer, Soil Mender Liquid Fertilizer
We apply the same formula and give lawns the fertilization needed to finish out the summer's humidity and high heat.

September – Turf Mate Fertilizer, Soil Mender Liquid Fertilizer
The last fertilization of the season is the last week of September. Turf Mate applications are properly feeding lawns and so we are continuing with this fertilizer for the last application of the season.