Leaf Removal Made Easy

Leave it to SG Landscape and Outdoors to take care of your leafy yard

SG Landscape uses a bag-less leaf removal method which utilizes a high-powered leaf vacuum to suck, shred, and haul leaves off to be composted. What does that look like?

  • Since 2008, SG Landscape has used this bag-less method and has kept over 1 million pounds of leaves out of landfills-roughly 30,000 bags
  • Using this tactic allowed us to recycle over 200,000 pounds of leaves just last year-roughly 6,000 bags kept out of landfills
  • No bags clustering your curb, no leaves in the landfill and 0 stress on your end, call 817-504-3816 today to schedule your bag-less leaf removal

You may request a one-time cleanup or a package for multiple visits. Fall is here, contact us today to schedule your bag-less leaf removal and have your home looking top-notch for your holiday events!

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